10+ Funny Dog Pictures That Will Make You Smile

13-Any dog owner knows about the different funny dog sleeping positions…

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12-You can’t help but laugh at this Beagle working from home.

11-Think catching snow in your mouth is easy? Think again. Just ask this Bernese Mountain Dog.

10-Double funny faces for this pair of friends.

9-Most Labs LOVE water. And this guy is no exception.

7-How’s your downward dog? Can you do yoga like this Frenchie?

6-It always looks uncomfortable to us, but dogs seem to love it!

5-Look at this Golden Retriever:

4-You can’t help but giggle watching a dog’s face as he shakes.

3-Bubble wrap? What is this GSP doing?

2-“Sun’s out, tongue’s out” –says this Corgi.

1-This English Springer Spaniel is all smiles, showing off his pearly whites.

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