10 Creative Billboard Ads From Around the World

Coffee Anyone?

We’re not getting to lie – we are a fan of almost everything McDonald’s does. That being said, you’ve got to admit, this sign is pretty awesome. This creative team turned a streetlight into a coffeepot and a cup – genius. Pure genius.
We love the thought and creativeness that goes into taking an everyday item, a streetlight, and turning it into something so unique. Of course, you’ll say the thought isn’t that complex, but honestly, we might never have thought to try to to something like this.


Once again, McDonald’s knows the way to make a billboard . Just watching this billboard makes us want to urge up and attend our local Mickey Dee’s. McDonald’s knows that their french-fried potatoes are famous globally which they’ll also be the world’s most delicious french-fried potatoes .
Placing an outsized photo of french-fried potatoes on a skyscraper as a person’s chain steals one is giving us all the feels. Yes, keep your eyes on your fries before someone steals one!


We are genuinely surprised that Coca-Cola still think they have to advertise themselves. The beverage can just about sell itself, in fact, whenever we see the Coca-Cola shade of red, we get a sudden urge to enjoys the soda-pop.
Somehow, the Coca-Cola company outdoes itself in advertising time and time again. We’re unsure if they purchased this crane to be placed perfectly behind the billboard or if it had been a sweet coincidence – either way, it’s working for them.

Royal Baking Powder

What better thanks to advertise leaven than by baking an enormous cake? Ok, so maybe Royal didn’t bake a cake, but they did manage to awaken our looking for a delicious layered cake .
By the looks of it, this billboard was displayed on an apartment house , and therefore the apartment to the far top-right wasn’t willing to offer their window up. It’s either that or the unfinished cake was meant to seem like someone took a utter of it.

Korean Police

Advertising the police may be a challenging move to form . enforcement is typically a controversial subject, and ads dedicated to them usually get covered in graffiti or, worse, ripped down.
This Korean billboard shows that the police are there to guard and reassure, “holding up” the swing because the policeman looks down at it. We don’t even got to know what’s written to completley understand the message. This positive and heartwarming message is inspirational and possesses to be one among our favorites.


We admit, it took us a few of moments to know exactly what was happening during this ad. Siemens, you’ve got outdone yourself. Seriously, who is that the genius that came up with using revolving doors as cake mixers? It makes such a lot sense.
We feel as if whenever we glance at revolving doors, we’ll be seeing cake mixers and the other way around . We’re just glad these doors don’t spin as fast as an actual Siemens cake mixer…


No, this isn’t a hoop on a court , it’s a really clever and easy YMCA ad. The organization used its billboard sign (that looks slightly above the acceptable height) and turned it into a hoop.

We like that they decided to not use any words and just added their infamous logo – it speaks for itself. It’s a shame they didn’t turn this whole field into a court – on the other hand again, which will defeat the aim of trying to urge people to check in for the Y.T