10 Creative Billboard Ads From Around the World

Everywhere you switch , there’s an ad waiting to catch your eye. We’re overwhelmed with them daily, the only issue is, the billboards themselves are usually very underwhelming. Most of these billboards are boring and unoriginal. But, every once during a while, there comes a billboard that’s so witty, beautiful (or just plain smart) that you simply can’t help but wonder what genius mind created it. Check out 10 of our favorite examples!

The Economist

For those that don’t know, The Economist is an English-language weekly newspaper based in London. they’re known for his or her witty articles, so it doesn’t come the maximum amount of a surprise that they decided to require a sensible approach when creating their billboards.
Other than the very fact that this billboard is visually aesthetic – its minimalism is brilliant. Having an enormous light bulb with a motion sensor built-in is sure to cause you to look twice as you drive by.

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As children, we would make up our imaginary worlds in our heads – one where anything was possible. We would turn those worlds into reality, thanks to Lego. The creative team at Lego understood this once they went about designing this billboard.
Other than the fact that they did an excellent job perfecting a replica of this street, this ad brings us back to our childhood and makes us want to go back to our parents’ house to spend hours building our own Lego worlds.


If this doesn’t make you want to buy a literal key, we’re not sure what to do. The message is simple but powerful – the bulletin board is simple, but somehow, in your face there is no way you can drive without thinking to yourself, “Wow, this is often pretty publicity.”
We love it rather than selling the tool itself – they decide to use great words. That’s right, you have to trust your hands!

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